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High Holidays

Rosh Hashana

Rosh Hashanah is the Jewish New Year. Rosh Hashanah starts on the first day of Tishrei and lasts two days. Rosh Hashanah is the beginning of the Yamim Noraim, the ten days of atonement. On Rosh Hashanah the traditional food is apples dipped in honey and honey cakes, head of a fish (to be the head and not the tail - a symbol of having a year in which we are on top and not the bottom), pomegranates and round Challot made with honey and raisins, as a wish for a happy and sweet year. On Rosh Hashanah we sing songs like: Shanah Tova, Bashanah Haba'ah , Kol Shanah and wish one to each other a happy new year.

Shanah Tova (Good year) Apple-border.gif

Yom Kippur

Yom Kippur, which takes place in the 10th day of Tishrei, is the most important Jewish holiday. On Yom Kippur we fast and do self examination. It is the atonement day when we think about all the bad things we did during the whole year and express our regret. We say Slichot and ask for forgiveness from the people we hurt them. People don't work and go to the synagogue to pray and express their regrets.


Sukkot is a Jewish holiday which begins on Tishrei 15 and last 7 days. Sukkot is one of the 3 major holidays - the "3 Regalim". In Sukkot we build a Sukkah (a booth) and decorate it. There we live these 7 days. We eat, sleep, relax and singing there together. Additional custom is to invite guests to the Sukkah and to be happy. The day after Sukkot called "Shmini Atzeret" and the day after it called "Simchat Torah" when people finish reading the Torah and begin a new cycle. We are going to see the dances around the synagogue and kiss the Torah scrolls. The last day of this holiday called "Hoshana Raba". In Sukkot we blass on the four species: an etrog, a lulav, arava and hadas.


                                               24 Mracle Woods
                                               Sheepland 37642
                                               October 18, 2008

Embassy of the U.S.A

18 Baghramyan Ave

Yerevan 375019

Republic of Armenia

Dear Sir,

My step family is living in the U.S.A. I didn’t see and talk to them such a very long time. In the last days I became known to their big trouble and I think I can aid them. My application is a visa to the U.S.A, so I would visit them and take care of them for a short time.

I am planning to stay in the U.S.A, California for a whole month in my step family’s house. I heard they have economic problems and I want to try helping them. My old step sister is very ill and the doctors didn’t find the cause of the illness. A family member wrote me about that bad condition. He adds about my young step sister crying and torments. My step mother told me they got a housemaid, but she doesn’t donate at all. Apart from that I am absolutely sure they should get a mental support, and I want to let them know my caring for them and the love I feel to them, even though the arguments we had in the past. I wish I could be there close to them to aid.

Because of the donkey situation and my ability to assist, I am asking to get a visa to the U.S.A soon as possible, before the situation will become harder to solve. I believe my short staying there will give them the power to continue and to struggle with their limitations.

With thanks,

Ms. Cinderella Smith


Technology, this is such a good thing?

Today, the technology is very developed. We use the technology in every range on our life. The technology promotes us, makes things easier and makes our lives more fun, interesting and varied. Without the technology our lives were look like the ancients lives. The big disadvantage is damage which the technology enhancement causes to.

In one hand, the technology has many advantages: helps us to communicate with people all over the world immediately and to update the news, saves and lengthens people lives by medicines and devises, improves life quality, new jobs coming up, in many cases shortens ways and saves time and etc.

On the other hand, the technology has some disadvantages. There is always someone who hurt by the technology, like: the nature, our environment, different groups in the society. Because of the technology we less meet face to face and going out – everything is possible to say by the phone, computer, TV, radio and more. The technology is very expensive and there are people who don’t have enough money for it, this is additional disadvantage. Damage to the nature and the environment by the technology can be even irreversible and this is very dangerous.

There is the question if the technology is a good thing, and the answer is yes and no. Here is an example for a technology developed; developed a tiny electronic device implanted in the inner ear (or cochlea) which helps the deaf people to hear. It sounds like a great developed, but the deaf people don’t like the invention. They think there is an assumption which says they are inferior and they don’t think there is a need of fixing. Another important example is the improvement of our life quality by nature destruction simultaneously. These are examples which show why it’s so difficult to decide if the technology is a good thing, or a bad one.

In my opinion, with all the value and admiration I have to the technology, we should pay attention to our environment and take care of it. Many technology developments hurt the nature and in some years it will also hurt us. I want to say: “stop the technology”, but I can’t and it impossible. The technology is very important and helpful too. I better leave the answer for experts who will decide if the technology is a good thing, or not.


The technological advancement I chose to write about is the mp3. The mp3 (MPEG-1 Audio Layer 3) is a small device with earphones which play music. It is an audio-specific format that was designed by the Motion Pictures Expert Group in 1991. You can listen to the radio and you also can downloud songs to your mp3 player. You also can record by the mp3. There are some companies which sell this ipod and that’s why it have different designs and prices. It works on one battary and you turn it by the buttons on it. The mp3 is popular and modern and many people of all the ages own it.

In one hand, the mp3 have many advantages. It is small, what make it comfortable to take everywhere you go. It is easy to use and it’s not very expensive. Moreover you can listen which songs you like whenever and wherever you just with to. Another advantage is the easy and fast downloading` passing songs to the mp3 player is very quickly and simple. It has 2 earphones so you can listen with a friend.

On the other hand the mp3 have some disadvantages. Most mp3 players cannot play all types of music files and not have long memory. Sometimes mp3 files won't copy onto the player correctly and have skips in it. You have to pay attention how many times the file has been copied. Another disadvantage is the batteries. Nothing is worse than the thing running out of juice when you are not at home and can’t change it. Listening to mp3 more than 5 hours a day cause hearing problems and even deafness.

To sum up, I think the mp3 device is an important invention. I like the mp3 and I use it a lot. My uncle bought me my little mp3 for my 15 birthday and I still own it. I put there about 100 songs which I love the most. Sometimes I change the songs to new songs, or just because I become boring of them. The mp3 help me when I want to concentrate my homework, or when I’m sad, it is always change my mood. Listening to songs on other languages teaches me new words and improves my language. In conclusion, the mp3 is useful and good, in moderation you are not listening too many hours. But all in all, it always makes you happier and improves your mood.



1. If I go to the cinema, I will invite Hadar, Vered and Karin.

2. If I visit my grandparents on Hanukkah, I will bring them a present.

3. If I buy new sport shoes, I will wear them at least twice a week.

4. If I choose Artillery corps, I will train a lot.

5. If I get new cellular telephone, I will take it everywhere.

6. If I eat a lot of chocolate, I will regret about it.

7. If I run hour a day, I will improve my ability.


1. If I got 1200 shekels, I would buy “Fornarina” red jacket.

2. If I were not that shy, I would wear vibrant clothes and accessories.

3. If I were smarter, I would join the Central Air Defence Regiment.

4. If I got free time, I would dance and train.

5. If I were flexible, I would learn ballet.

6. If I earned a lot of money, I would fly to Denmark.

7. If I knew my aunt is pregnant, I would understand her changing moods.


1. If I had come back earlier, I would have more time to sleep before the exam.

2. If I had revised, I would have passed my physics exam.

3. If I had gotten drunk, I would have forgot what happen.

4. If I had won the lottery, I would have bought many things and donated part of it.

5. If I had warned, I won’t have born the cake.

6. If I had gone out earlier, I won’t have missed the meeting.

7. If I had told he loves me, I would have joined to his party.


Many students don't listen to the teacher in class. They don't focus and do other things insted of listen to the teacher. This listening problem is very serious, because the students don't get the information and sometimes they even disturb to the duration of the lesson. This problem have to be solved immediately.

Most of the students find the subjects in school boring. In stead of listening and learn new things, they dream or not focus. The barriers of listening include also tiredness` some students come to class tired and they can't listen to the teacher speech. Sometimes students talk to their friends in class and disturb other students to listen and learn. As first step, the students have to understand the importance of listening in class. Than they will have more motivate to listen. The teachers have a big part of this listening problem. They have to attract the students and to be interesting. It means, they should bring tangible examples to class and combine their speechs with presentations and participation of the students. In these ways, maybe the barriers of listening will be removed and it will help to overcome the obstacles.

To conclude, if we follow the ways which help students to listen, we will overcome the varied obstacles. The students have to come invigorated to class and the teachers have to make their own effort. Together, I am completly sure we will take off the barriers of listening and the students will listen, consentrate and understend the message the teachers want to learn. Cooperation between the teachers and the students will raise the motivation and the understending as a result of listening.

My 3 wishes

The purpose of this essay is to write about my three wishes. It is not easy to choose just three wishes, because there are many things I want and wish for. I decided about three of them which are the most important for me and I will be very happy if they come true.

When I was just a little girl, I used to dance and sing at least 2 hours a day. I joined many afternoon activities, like: artistic gymnastic, jazz, hip-hop, theater and even organ. I spent my free time watching dance groups and singers on TV and on the computer. I tried to learn their moving and special steps they did. Today, I still like it and I continue practice. My wish is to be an actress, or a pop star. This is my dream; I want it very much – even for a very short time. Even for a few min' of fame will be enough.

My second wish is to be fashionable and stylish. That means I need money for clothes and accessories and a professional stylist. I discovered the fashion world before some years and I fell in love with it. Now, I think I am addicted to fashion – I searched in fashion catalogs, collect clothes' tags and fashion magazines, improve my look, put attention to people shows, learn from celebrities style and more. My wish is to be a style model and to be an example for others. I also wish to get much fashionable stuff from the newest collections.

My third wish is to fly to Denmark. I want to visit this country and meet the people there. The reason for this wish is a love story. Before some years I met a boy in my age, from Denmark. He was nice and sweet and I liked him. We talked once and then I never saw him again. After this special meeting, I started to learn about Denmark, especially the language – Danish. I wish one day I will meet him again, even if it is not really possible.

In conclusion, I will feel great if these three wishes come true. I really want it to happen – I want to be famous, fashionable and to fly to Denmark. Anyway, I'm completely sure that if they come true, I will get some new wishes.

About Me

My name is Ayelet Seidner and I'm 17 years old. I have been living in Israel, in Netanya since I was born. I have one amazing sibling, Hadar. She is 15 years old and she is my best friend. I have a brown cuddly Puddle – Toto, who I love so much. As a child I participated many afternoon activities, like: artistic gymnastic, jazz, drama and theater, organ and hip hop. I used to sing and dance to the Spice Girls CD's and image to myself a big supporter audience. My dream was to be a famous singer.


Earthquake is a frightening phenomenon of nature which cause terrible aftereffects. If the earthquake will happen in a popular center, it will cause many deaths and damage. It happens suddenly, as a movement of the earth like the ground shakes, caused by strain that has accumulated over a long time and by surprise - without any warning, released. A few hours, days, weeks, or months after the main earthquakes, there are usually aftershocks which are smaller than the main earthquake. There are different earthquake strengths. An earthquake could be very small and people won’t even feel it. The animal earthquake theory says that animals can feel the earthquake waves before it happens because of their senses wicg are more keen than the human senses. Rates, weasels, snakes, and centipedes left their homes and went for safety places, several days before the earthquake. There are many evidences of animals, fish, birds, reptiles, and insects exhibiting strange behavior from weeks to seconds before the earthquake. The Thai government reports 5,246 confirmed deaths, 8,457 injuries and 4,499 missing after the country was hit by a tsunami caused by the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake on December 26, 2004 On a beach in Thailand, a man was leading an elephant to entertain tourists, when the tsunami came. He put several children on the elephant's back and so saved them from the flood. In Israel were in the past some kinds of earthquakes, and maybe will be more in the future. We can’t do anything to avoid the nature power and we have to accept it and stay as careful and protected as possible.

http://www.thebeehive.org/emergencies/emergency/types-emergencies/earthquakes http://earthquake.usgs.gov/learning/topics/animal_eqs.php http://www.nationmaster.com/encyclopedia/Effect-of-the-2004-Indian-Ocean-earthquake-on-Thailand

(Comment.gif: Well done!! --Warm wishes, Nellie Deutsch 21:11, 16 December 2008 (UTC))

Why is re-cycling important?

Re-cycling is reusing things like: batteries, glass, paper, plastic and more, after it had passed a little change and got ready to use. Today there is awareness of environmental damage caused by dumping things into a landfill. The purpose of this text is to explain the big importance of re-cycling.

Almost everyday we are witness to a waste of materials which could be used again. There are reusable materials that take many years to decompose. Glass is an example to a material which will never decompose, if we were to toss all our glass bottles into a landfill, our land would not be usable again for the next generations. Another example is the waste of paper; did you know that it takes something like 20 – 25 trees to make only a ton of newspaper? This problem has to be solved immediately, if we want our land to be usable for the million years.

To conclude, recycling is very important. It saves energy and conserves the environment. In addition, re-cycling is very easy to do everywhere. If we didn't recycle all the material we could reuse, it would just be dumped into a landfill and be a big waste because we really could use it again. In my opinion, we should raise awareness of the importance of re-cycling as soon as possible. If you understand that importance and want to help, all you have to do is take out all the materials which can be reused to re-cycling banks in your town every time. In this way , you will save our land.

Me and my family

Everyone wants a good family, that shows love, care, respect and helps in difficult moments. There are families in which the parents live separately, or the parents don't pay attention to their children and even cause them to feel bad. These are not good families, however, we all know - there are no ideal families. Every family has its own problems. Even though there are no perfect families, most of the people love their parents and appraise them. The relationship between the siblings in the family is a different case, but inside there is usually love and care.

You can act one role in the family: oldest child, middle child, youngest child, or single. Most of the people believe the oldest child is the leader of the other siblings, more responsible, caring too much and strong. The middle child, people think is popular, funny and smart. The youngest is easy going and cute. The truth is that it's not always like this and it can be different.

In my case, I am the oldest child. I like it, because I feel my parents believe me and trust me, but their relation to my sister is no different. I have one young sister and she is also very strong and caring. I know everyone has his own place in his family and I hope he, or she is happy about it.

Driving test or English Bagrut exam

Do you ever think of comparing a driving test to an English bagrut exam? Finding similarities and differences between them could be very fun. Maybe you will get a new perspective by comparing them. There is probably nothing to lose, so let's discover some interesting facts we never think about.

Driving tests and English bagrut exams have some things in common. They are both important and that's why they are stressful. You have to learn and prepare before you start them and to be focused while doing them. They are both challenging and include specific instructions. Another thing in common between them is the second chance. Don’t let the failure disappoint you, you can always improve.

There are also some differences between driving tests and the English bagrut exam. A driving test is practical – physical, however the English bagrut exam is in writing. The driving test occurs on the road, whereas the English bagrut exam occurs in class. In addition, if you wish to learn in the university, you have to get a good grade in the English bagrut exam, but no one will look for your driving test. Likewise, in the English bagrut exam you can get any grade, but in a driving test you can only pass or fail. Another difference between a driving test and an English bagrut exam is the fact you are the only examinee in a driving test, whereas there are more examiners in the English bagrut exam at the same time. Thee English bagrut exam has a special national date; however a driving test can be done at any time.

I think a driving test and an English bagrut exam are definitely different, even though they have many things in common. This is not absolute whether it’s almost similar or not, but the comparison is interesting. In conclusion, you can relate a driving test to an English bagrut exam, or on the contrary and maybe it will be easier. In my opinion, they are both important and it’s nice to discover they are not so different.

Excellent organization and comparison, Ayelet. --Nellie Deutsch 22:30, 25 January 2009 (UTC)

--Nellie Deutsch 15:45, 22 January 2009 (UTC) I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it.

My room at it's worse

My room is girly, adorned and colorful. There is my red bed, a small chair which looks like a flower, one red chair near the brown desk, a big clothes cupboard, a white rug and a book shelf. There are some pictures on the pink walls, masks and plume scarves. Of course there is also a mirror in addition to the mirror doors of the closet. There is a door to the veranda which is full of many celebrities' posters.

Usually, I'm very busy, so I don't get time for cleaning and organizing my room. Many clothes are thrown on the bed and no one can guess the color of it. The small "flower" chair which I told you about, used for me as a seat for the next day clothes. On my desk you can find many papers, letters, assignments, and school books. There are also my earrings scattered around and my perfumes and other jewelries thrown all over the place. On the floor, you will find many dolls and cushions. You will never guess my shelf is really a book shelf. It has many dolls and small figurines in it. The books are not organized and there are many papers and trash laying around.

Well, I guess I should take care of my room and start organizing it and clean everything up. I need to put everything in its place. I hope I will get a short time to do it. Now, I am still optimistic and think it's not that bad.

Excellent writing!!! --Nellie Deutsch 13:09, 4 February 2009 (UTC)

How to prepare and successed on the oral Bagrut project?

Being ready for the oral Bagrut project is very important. Many stuedents ask themselves how they can be prepared to this test. The answer is practicing and geting calm, these are the keys for success on the oral Bagrut project. There are many ways and tips for geting ready for this time.

Follow these tips will promise you a good great on the oral Bagrut. First of all, you should sleep well the night before the test. On the day before you have to get calm by doing things you like, take a shower, eat what you like and etc. On the oral Bagrut day, you should also get as calm as possible. Close your eyes, breathe slowly, listen to your favorite calming music, smell something you like - a cream, or a perfume. In this way, you will have the right mood for the oral Bagrut. Your face will look shining and relax and you will transmit confident and impressive. Well, your looking and yor feelings are not the only important thing. You have to practice talking English before the test and make sure you know what you are going to say.

In conclusion, I recommend you to start practicing English talking every opportunity. Your friends and family members can be perfect as listeners to your English, even if they don't understand. More you will be prepared, more you will succeed.Remembere, the successing secret is about your English level and your feelings, and how you present it to the tester. Good Luck!