Awareness of Breast Cancer/Introduction

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You will probably know how Diet affects health and you may be aware as to how a balanced and nutritious diet is important in order to build up resistance and increase immunity levels. Let us learn here what could happen to our bodies if the resistance levels are lowered and immunity drops. Our bodies become more prone to various kinds of diseases. You probably know that Cancer is nowadays considered to be a lifestyle disease like hypertension and several other diseases. Cancer is the second largest killer in the world following cardiac diseases. Despite the research that is being carried out on all over the world, and although 80% who get cancer live for five years or more, yet many lives are lost to this dreadful killer disease. The two types of Cancers which affect women the most are Breast Cancers and Cervical Cancers. We shall restrict our discussion to learn about Breast Cancer. We shall explain the risk factors which are linked to Breast Cancer and what happens when a woman is affected with Breast Cancer. Many Cancers are treatable and can be said to be cured if it is diagnosed in the early stages. The signs and symptoms of Breast Cancer and the various screening techniques which are used to detect Breast Cancer will be listed and will be explained.