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Columba livia

Scientific name : Columba livia
Common name : Blue-rock -pigeon and kabutar.

Distribution :
1.Distributed India ,Pakistan, Ceylon and Burma.

Habitat and habitual : Found in the semi-domesticated condition , living as a commensal of aman , warehouses, factory sheds etc.

Identifying characters :
1.Slaty-grey color bird with glistening metallic green , purple and magenta sheen on the neck and upper breast.
2.On wings two dark bars and a band across the end of the tail.
3.Measures about 34 cm or more in length.
4.In this both the sexes are alike.
5.Food requirement are cereals , pulses and ground nuts.
6.Nest is sketchy pad of twigs and straw.

Scientific name : Passer
Common name : House Sparrow and in Hindi Gauriyya.
Habitat : Nest into the hole of wall.
Identifying characters :
1.Small bird about 10 to 12 cm .
2.Upper surface is earthy brown with blackish and fulvous and underparts are whitish.
3.Black area on the throat and breast of male.
4.Each leg contain four clawed toes .
5.Food consists of seeds and grain .
6.Very useful to agriculture by destroying the insect pests.

Scientific name : Corvus
Common name : Kowwa and House Crow
Habitat : In Indian towns and villages
Distribution : Found in India , Pakistan , Ceylon and Burma
Identifying characters:
1.Size is about 32 to 42 cm,
2.Neck is grey .
3.Leg beats four clawed toes , three directed forwards and one backwards.
4.Eats almost anything like dead rat ,kitchen refuse ,fish ,eggs and grain.
5.Nist is consists of twigs with a cup like curve with tow , coir fibre.
6.Scavanger and an unfailing commensal of man.
7.Distroy locusts and injurious insects when they are swarming.

Scientific name : Coracias
Common name : Known as Indian roller or Blue Jay and in Hindi Nilkanth or Sabzak.
Distribution : In India , Pakistan , Burma and Ceylon .
Identifying characters :
1.Big head with heavy and black bill.
2.Breast is rufous-brown ,pale-blue abdomen and a tail is present.
3.Food requirements are crickets ,grasshoppers ,beetles and insects.
4.Nest is made up of straw ,feathers and rubbish in tree hollow.
5.This serve great job to agriculture by destruction of some injurious pests.

Scientific name : Psittacula
Common name : Rose- ringed Parakeet and also called Tota
Distribution : Majorilly found in India , Pakistan , Ceylon ,and Burma
Identifying characters :
1.Slender body with long pointed tail and measures about 25 cm
2.Grass green in color.
3.Red oill is short and deeply -hooked.
4.Collar is present in the male which is black and rose-pink and absent in the female .
5.Feet are used for grasping.
6.Diet for parrot is the fruits and ripening grains.
7.The most intresting point of this bird is this, that it can be taught to repeat a few words.

Scientific name : Dinopium
Common name : Golden-backed woodpecker in Hindi Katphora.
Distribution : In India , Pakistan , and Ceylon.
Habitat : Village groves, gardens and wooded country .
Identifying characters:
1.Small in size about 22 cm.
2.Upper plumage is golden yellow and black, lower is buffy white streaked with black.
3.Male contain crown and occipital crest.
4.Bill is long ,stout and pointed.
5.Tongue is protrusible with barb tipped.
6.Toes are four.
7.Tail is stiff and wedge shaped.
8.Food requirment are wood boring beetles, gurbs and ants.