Authoring with eXe/Lesson 2 - Downloading and starting eXe

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Tutorial.png Download eXe 

Windows download | Mac OS X download | Linux download

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In this lesson you will:
  • work through the procedure for downloading the eXe application
  • start eXe

Downloading the latest version of eXe

Like all software applications we are constantly trying to improve what eXe does. As with all developments it has been important that each new feature created is tested to ensure it meets the needs of the users and if it doesn't, that all feedback provided by users is fed back into the development process so the application can be improved. This has been the process that the eXe development team has adopted and has proved beneficial the application. The development team releases new versions frequently. These releases are accessed from the eXe website via Eduforge.

The flash movie below illustrates how you can access eXe and install the Windows version.