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At first thought, your runescape accounts may think that you can go around assisting people all day and night for an easy 99 , but it's not that easy. You actually can only earn 30,000 experience per day by using the Assist System. So it would make gaining experience a little easier, but actually doing the skill yourself is probably better. That's because if a person had 4 farming, and wanted to assist someone who wanted to plant a yew tree, they wouldn't be able to because they only had 4 gold farming, not the required level. Now, let's learn how this works! Quick Links Getting Started Skill Restrictions Using the Assist System

Skill Restrictions

Now, in most cases, there are going to be some restrictions to those skills as some of the things you can do in skills do require quests for certain objects. For example, if you do the Knight's Sword Quest then you have the ability to make blurite items. If the person you are requiring assistance from has not completed the quest, you wouldn't be able to make it. You would also need to complete the quest, so you wouldn't need to get assistance for that. Below is a chart with all the information you will need.

Restrictions on Skills

Skill Restriction

Construction You can only create Flat-Packed items.

Cooking You can not cook any food from gnome cooking. You also can't cook lava eels.

Crafting You are not able to make demonic sigils, lightning rods, or silvthrill rods.

Farming Do not have the ability to plant bushes, cactus, or calquat trees. You will not be able to harvest your crops if you don't have the required amount. You will need to find someone to assist you so you can harvest.

Fletching You can not fletch ogre arrows.

Herblore You can not make Sanfew serum, Guthix balance, blamish oil, Magic essence, or Relicym's balm. Magic If you require help with lunar spells, make sure your spellbook is set correctly, You can only cast the following ===spells:=== Enchant bolt spells (all)

Runecrafting You will only be able to craft multiple runes per essence, only if the person you are assisting has a high enough level.

Smithing You must have completed the Tourist Trap Quest to smith darts or the Death Plateau Quest to smith claws. You can't make blurite items.

Now you know a lot about the Assist System now, correct? Well there are a few other notes that you might want to know. These are pretty well set down, and pretty logical. These are to not make the game a one click option sort of thing. These things range from getting inside a guild or free players using member skills. You can find these special "notes" below:

Free players can not be assisted with member skills.

You can not assist people with a quest, Achievement Diary, or Mini-Game.

You can not access skill restricted areas (i.e. Guilds).

You can only earn 30,000 experience in a 24-hour time frame. Once you have earned your 30k experience, the person you are assisting will not be able to gain your assistance and the text in the Assist Interface will turn will save you a lot of time and runescape gold on power leveling