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*GPD_113: First Typing Practice
By Kafui A. Prebbie, Practice this in advance of our meeting in class
*GPD_113: Practice Question 1 Word Processing
By Kafui A. Prebbie, Practice this in advance of your mid semester practical assessment
*GPD_113: Practice Question 2 Spreadsheets
By Kafui A. Prebbie, Practice this in advance of your mid semester practical assessment

  • Assignments:
*Assignment 2: Timetable
By Kafui A. Prebbie, Using landscape orientation, design the time table exactly as you see it. Save it with you index number_timetable, eg. 10000100_timetable. Send it to my email, by 5pm on Thursday April 10, 2008. Any assignments received after the stipulated date will not be accepted. This assignment attracts 5marks. Good luck.

  • Assessments/Quizzes:

Below are details of your quizzes and mid-semester practical assessments. You need to prepare and practice in advance.

* 1. Please note that we should be taking our first quiz on Friday, April 11 2008. This will be made up of multiple choice questions and a few fin-in-the-blanks, probably making up 20 marks

*2. Our second quiz should take place on Friday April 25, 2008. This will be your mid semester assessment. It will have a combination five (5) multiple choice questions, five (5) fill in the blanks, and two practical assessment questions. One (1) for MS Word and the other for MS Excel. I have already posted a samples of the two mid semester practical assessment questions for your practice.

  • Free Course at the Winneba Open Digital Village on "Conduction Effective Online Research"
* I have finally set the dates for the free course on "Conduction Effective Online Research" to help you complete your assignments and course work/research successfully. I will be teaching this skills to the ICT Club of UEW on Tuesday April 8 and Wednesday April 9, 2008. I am planning to teach you, Social Studies Level 100 students, the following week, butbthis has been changed as I will be away for official duties soon. The Social Studies class will therefore take place on Thursday April 10 and Friday April 11, 2008. Please call "the Village" on 0432-20270 and register with Christie (Admin. Assistant) or me on 0244-429-448 to book your place. There are computers for twenty (20) people at a time. But we can have seats for fifteen (15) more people who can come with their laptops. Thanks.