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There are four assignments in this course. The links below will take you to the pages where the assignments can be found (you may need to scroll down to find each assignment):

Assignment 1 (15%)

Assignment 2 (15%)

Assignment 3 (30%)

Assignment 4 (40%)

To gain the maximum benefit from this course, we encourage you to complete, not only the activities that will encounter, but also the assignments. The assignments can help you to see how well you have achieved the learning outcomes for the course. If you are in a group setting or working with an instructor, the assignments can be used for both peer and faculty assessment of learning.

As noted earlier, if you wish to seek credit for this course, setup a study schedule that fits your lifestyle and circumstances, and work through the activities and assignments. The important thing at this point is to do your course work in such a way that you are able to show the work, and demonstrate that the work is your own and not copied from, or written by, someone else.

Once you are done, you can then approach an OERu partner institution willing to review your work for credit. The institution may require additional work such as an exam, along with submission of your assignment work. It may also contact you to verify your identity and ensure that the work you submitted is your own.