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This is an interactive arithmetic lesson that uses the Arithmetic simulation to explore grouping or multiplication. The simulation was created by the Physics Education Technology Team (PhET) at the University of Colorado. A screenshot of the simulation is shown on the left of the image table below.

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Grouping objects happens everyday. Sometimes we group lego pieces to make a pattern. Sometimes we group Monopoly money together to purchase a house. All this grouping going is called multiplication. The bag of marbles image demonstrates how we group 4 bags of 3 marbles to get 12 marbles. In symbols this looks like 4 × 3 = 12. In words we can say, four times three equals twelve.

Multiplication is also related to area (or a flat surface like your computer screen). The checkboard image below is a big square made up of five small squares per side. We think of this as multiplying five by five. In symbols, 5 × 5 = 25. Count the small squares. Are we correct?

Ready to increase your multiplication speed, follow me to start this activity!
4 bags of 3 marbles is 12 marbles
5 × 5 square made up of 25 squares


Icon objectives.jpg Objectives
Multiplication Workout:
  • Explore the interactive simulation
  • Determine your multiplication level.
  • Increase your multiplication speed.
  • Increase your multiplication level.