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This action will be implemented using a series of approaches including sensitization and consultations. Partner institutions and their potential associated partners will be consulted with the purpose of getting a buy in into the project. Willing institutions will be led to sign MoUs. The non-willing Institutions and those observing will be allowed to watch from a distance the performance and progress in the establishment of the network. Willing institutions will then form a coordination unit at national level. With the purpose of levelling the ground, individual national focal node will then be tasked to sensitize the other potential partners, elaborately explain the purpose, pointing out the advantage of having the network, eliciting their support, register their fears to be address. The national nodes will also make an inventory of individual country capacity in terms of human, infrastructure, connectivity, main stakeholders, and will also introduce the latter to new stakeholders who may be acting at a distance. The willing institutions will transform the existing system into nodes network, with one focal and subsidiary nodes; and define their responsibility and power. The national nodes managers will meet to define the modality of pilot test before rolling out to a national-wide, and then a regional network. The pilot national network will be tested for six months, after which an evaluation will be conducted, and solutions for malfunctions identified. The experiences will be shared regionally. The pilot networks will be again allowed to run for another six month before electing a regional hub. The regional hub will be coordinated by a secretariat with a mandate of managing the regional and collaborating with international network.