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Several different classes of membership will be required.

  • Cluster members - membership would be extended to all individual schools participating as a 'community of schools' (i.e. cluster)
  • Individual schools members - schools who do not (yet) belong to a cluster; or who are cluster schools but act as individual schools providing fee-paying courses nationally
  • Provider institutions members - tertiary and vocational organisations, including polytechnics, universities and PTEs providing fee-paying courses nationally
  • Individual teacher members - individual teachers who may not be directly associated to a cluster or individual school, but may teach (or want to offer) courses available through AotearoaNet community
  • Institutions/non-profit community organisations - organisations offering 'not for profit' sessions and programmes of educational value to schools (e.g. DoC, NZ Book Council, Te Papa, ACE, Grey Power)

Conditions (including subscription) and rights and responsibilities of each class of membership will vary