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 The following is a list of software links and what they are used for useful for admins installing software on computers!  Unless stated these are all free and mainly open source.  This list is not yet complete!


Virtualbox - for running virtual machines  - Make sure the vbox additions are installed

GNS3 for emulating virtual network topologies

Operating systems

Latest releases of:



within these install (by using repository tools within CentOS & Xubuntu)  Note - Trevor has pre-built virtual machines for these linux distributions - the requirements are 64 bit host OS.  The machines are large (several GB so a portable HDD is needed to move them:-))

Python 3

GCC for compiling

Wireshark understanding TCP/IP ICMP

Nmap&nbsp zen map; visualising networks

Zenix Live CD for the networking tools in a live cd


Python 3

a good text editor such as



Kompozer  for simple web design

Bluefish for python/web design

Chrome for web testing

Firefox for web testing

Internet Explorer - don't need a link for this I guess

Scribus DTP

Synfig 2D Animation