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In some countries, the basis of psychiatry is that patients get diagnosed according to their own perceptions about self. They mostly do this by filling forms.

The same industry, also tells you that people in depression have distorted judgment. And that's contradictory.

How can diagnosis be based on the perceptions of individuals who are suffering from distorted judgment ?

For as long as there are no accurate scientific measurement devices that can diagnose individuals for mental illness, any such measurement that puts them in that category is no different from a stars reading.

In some cases, like trauma, an accurate diagnosis can be made. MRIs can show scars in the brain. But in a lot of cases, that 'luxury' is not available to the psychiatrist who relies more on forms and questioning. If questioning gave accurate results, no country would have to retain innocent prisoners for a dozen of years in order to get results.

Discussion questions

  • Psychiatrist Thomas Szasz rejected being labeled as "antipsychiatry". Do you see psychiatrist Thomas Szasz as holding antipsychiatry views?
  • How has the antipsychiatry movement grown and changed over the years?
  • How might antipsychiatry evolve and grow in the future?



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