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Draynor Manor has a new citizen and, adventurers rejoice, she is a babe in distress. Far from actuality Sleeping Beauty, she finds the Manor's beds not to her affection and is adversity from alive nights. If you adorned yourself able to aid Ava in her chase for a acceptable night's sleep, who knows what the beginning scientist will aftermath as a reward?





Quest Requirements

Restless Ghost, The Ernest the Chicken Priest in Peril

Skill/Other Requirements

15 Thieving 18 Slayer 19 Crafting 30 Ranged 35 Woodcutting its a abundant revords and can save you a lot of time on ability akin Items Needed at Adventure Start: Ghostspeak amulet, 20 Ecto-tokens, 5 Adamant bars, Hammer, Mithril hatchet, Holy symbol, Hard leather, and Polished buttons, these things will amount you some gpld pieces, you can get them calm in ge.

Items Needed to Complete Quest


Items Recommended for Quest

Amulet of celebrity (4), Ectophial, and Games necklace.

Items Acquired During Quest

Crone-made amulet, 2 Undead chickens, Selected iron, Bar magnet, Blessed hatchet, Undead twig, Research notes, Translated notes, A pattern, and A container.

Quest Points



1K Crafting XP, 1K Fletching XP, 1K Slayer XP, 2.5K Woodcutting XP, and Ava's attractor or Ava's accumulator. 1k runescape gold

Start Point

Draynor Manor, arctic of Draynor Village. ===To Start===Speak with Ava.


Enter Draynor Manor, arctic of Draynor Village, and accomplish your way to the southwester room. Chase the bookcases on the west coffer to access Ava's allowance to the west. Allocution to her and acquire her action to accomplish her home a bigger place. She will acquaint you to fix her bed aboriginal by accepting some two Undead chickens from Port Phasmatys.

Note: You can leave her allowance by affairs the batten on the eastern wall. The easiest way to get to Draynor Manor is via a Amulet of celebrity teleport to Draynor Village Head over to acreage northwest of Port Phasmatys. Allocution to Alice and acquaint her you are there for a quest. She will absolute you to her husband.

Note: The easiest way to get to Port Phasmatys is via a Ectophial teleport or by chartering a baiter from Port Sarim to Port Phasmatys for 1300 Coins

Speak with Alice's bedmate to the west application your Ghostspeak amulet and he will ask you to acquaint his wife that he still loves her.

Talk to Alice and she will acquaint you to ask her bedmate area the ancestors affluence is. Go aback to Alice's bedmate and he will acquaint you it is in a bank. Report aback to Alice and she will acquaint you to ask her bedmate about the coffer pin code. When you ask him, he will say that he cannot assurance you with that advantaged information. Allocution to Alice again. You will appear up with an abstraction to accomplish an bugged Ghostspeak amulet so that she can allocution anon with her husband. She will absolute you to Old crone to the west, who will be able to help.

Head west to the baby abode aloof east of the Slayer Tower, arctic of Canifis. Once there allocution to Old crone. Allocution to her and she will accomplish you a Crone-made amulet to accord to Alice's husband.

Note: You charge accept the Ghostspeak amulet in your account or she will not accord you the Crone-made amulet.

Retrun to Alice's bedmate and accord him the Crone-made amulet. A cut arena will occur. Afterwards, allocution to him afresh and he will action to advertise you Undead chickens for 10 Ecto-tokens each. Buy two for 20 Ecto-tokens and go aback to Ava.

Return to Ava in Draynor Manor and she will action to advice you accomplish a amaranthine accumulation of feathers. Agree to advice and she will acquaint you to allocution to the Witch abutting door.

Note: The easiest way to get to Draynor Manor is via a Amulet of celebrity teleport to Draynor Village Go to the best northwestern allowance of Draynor Manor and allocution to the Witch. She will ask for 5 Adamant bars. Accord them to her and she will accord you a allotment of Selected iron.

Take the Selected adamant to the Rimmington mine, west of Port Sarim. While adverse north, use a Hammer on the Selected adamant to ability a Bar magnet.

Return the Bar allurement to Ava. You charge now accumulate some regenerating wood. She will acquaint you to chop one of the undead copse that advance bodies as they airing the aisle to the capital access of Draynor Manor. Go alfresco and try to chop such a timberline with a Mithril hatchet or higher. You will be clumsy to, so allocution to Ava to acquisition addition solution. Ava will acquaint you that Turael, the Slayer adept in Burthorpe, may be able to help.

Talk to Turael at his abode in the southeastern allotment of Burthorpe. He will acquaint you that in adjustment to cut undead copse you will charge a Blessed hatchet. He will crave a Mithril hatchet and a Holy attribute to accomplish it. Accord him both items in barter for a Blessed hatchet.

Note: The easiest way to get to Burthorpe is via a Games chaplet teleport.

Head aback to Draynor Manor, and cut a Undead acquire from one of the advancing copse forth the aisle to the capital access of Draynor Manor. Take them to Ava, who will accord you some Research addendum

Note: The easiest way to get to Draynor Manor is via a Amulet of celebrity teleport to Draynor Village

Now, you charge construe these Research addendum addendum in adjustment advice Ava in creating your reward. There are nine blooming buttons on the adaptation screen. When you bang them, they will about-face red. Leave the 2nd, 5th, and 9th button from the larboard blooming and about-face the blow red.

Give the Translated addendum to Ava. She will now accord you A arrangement and ask you to use the Polished buttons with the Hard covering to accomplish A container.

Hand over the Alembic to Ava to accept your reward.

Congratulations! runescape quests help Complete!

Ava's Attractor/Accumulator

If your runescape accounts ability Ranged akin 50 or higher, again the accolade for the adventure will be the upgraded Ava's accumulator. It can aggregate up to Steel arrows. If you lose it, you charge buy an Ava's attractor for 999 Coins, again you can advancement it for 75 Steel arrow to an Ava's accumulator.