Analogy used in teaching Physics

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Analogy used in teaching =

    1. Three modes of heat transfer

Three modes of heat transfer are Conduction,Convection and Radiation.

Let's see how students learn these concepts in the class room using analogy.

  Ask a student  sitting at the back bench in a classroom to pass one eraser to the front bench with or without help of other students.
 The student has three otptions

(i) Throw the eraser towards the student sitting in the first bench and let him/her catch the same (ii) To pass the eraser to the next and the next will pass on the same to the next and by continuing this way it reaches the student sitting in the front bench (iii) Get up and give that eraser to the front.

First method is equivalent to Radiation Second one is same as that of Conduction And third is similar to Convection.

Now let the students differentiate between these modes.