An alternative model to involunary commitment

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in psychology

under certain circumstances humans can be "treated" and/or "imprisoned" against their will for expressing an INTENTion to lethally harm themselves....

alterntive models may exist.

in Switzerland, and non-profit named DIGNITAS will assist in suicides.

perhaps, they will sometimes even help in cases of "weariness of living' which mmay be different from what some might want to define as a "clinical depression" or "Major depressive disorder" ........

suicide can leave a mess.... the NATURE of the MESS may be more or less considerate for fellow humans.

For example, a shot-gun wound to the head will leave a much different sort of mess to be cleaned up compared to if certain drugs were administered.

If we want to think of ourselves as a TRULY FREE society - should we deny humans the right to choose when they leave the state of physical existence?

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