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Purpose of the Project

The Gaza-Israel Conflict

In the last few days, we came into a war here in Israel.

Over than 10 years, the terror organiztations surrounding us were bombing us, while we couldn't do anything to sop it.

They were blowing busses,firing missles at houses,shooting at people and running over people with cars while shotting everywhere.

In the last few days, Israel got a list of the leaders of the Hamas (A terror organiztaiom), and we decided we should take action, and in order to live again, we should deal with those people.

So our army went into Gaza in order to find those people, as I know for know, we already got 4 of those leaders.

Currently, the soldiers of the Hamas are firing missles further than they fired before, into our big cities like Ashkelon and Beer-Sheva.

Luckily, I live in Natanya, which is far from Gaza, so we can go on with our life (at Ashkelon and Beer-Sheva, they have no school, and they're staying at their shelters all over the day).

Hope this situations will be over soon, I'm really tired of all these wars, and the people the innocent people that keep dying because of this mad argument.

And go back to our normal life, where we could get out to the streets with no fear, go to concerts and shows without being afraid that a mad terrorist will appear and blow us all.

(Taken from a letter sent to Patrick and Lindsay)