Alexander and Military Matters/What is a battle plan?

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A battle plan is a visual way of producing an outline of the main stages of a battle. So rather than a detailed written outline you are going to produce something that is very visual. Follow this link to look an example (of the battle of marathon) If you google your battle you will probably find quite a few images that will be useful. There are a few key things to consider when doing this.

  • You must show the stages of the battle so it should include two to three separate diagrams / drawings.
  • The battle plan is your own work not diagrams/plans you have found on the web. Use these in helping you design your own interpretation
  • Each diagram should be accompanied by a written (or narration using podcasting)outline of each stage. Just keep it brief though.

What would we use to design the battle plan?

The plan will need to be presented electronically so pen and paper won't necessarily be the best option. You could do it this way and scan the plan onto computer, but most of you live miles away from each other so this will not be an option. This is where the web comes into play. If I haven't got our own version of Google Apps up and going then go to and create an account. This will allow you to use Google docs which has slideshow, document and drawing tools. These enable you to create your plan and presentation together no matter how far away you live. All you need is an internet connection.

Presenting your plan

It is not enough to just create your plan. It must be put in something that enables the other students to see it. You have choices that I have outline below (under "Ways I could present the plan")