Alexander and Military Matters/Ways I could present the plan

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The battle plan can be presented in a few ways

  • In a slideshow (using Google Slideshow)that can then be placed in the course wiki
  • Straight into a new page you create on the course wiki
  • Into a Voicethread (which would allow you to voice over a description of the battle without having to write it. It would even mean you wouldn't really have to do a talk in the video conference lesson). Voicethread is free and allows you to upload images and add comments, voice overs (including a webcam view) and also allows you to draw over the top of the images so it could be a good way of getting those tricky arrows into your battle plan. Have a look at an example of a voicethread in the Greek Vase course from last year - follow this link - . Again, it is something you can do with others. Se the "Resource" section here to learn how to use it.
  • Into a Google Document that can then be placed in the course wiki