Alexander and Military Matters/Overview

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Objective| To gain an understanding of Alexander's main battles and how they demonstrate his ability as a general

In this activity you are going to become the teachers. We will split the major battles (and the siege of Tyre) up amongst groups of three or two. You choose the battle that you are most interested in and work with the other students who have also chosen your topic to thoroughly research your topic, produce a visual battle plan with an accompanying narration (written or narrated) and an activity that the other students have to complete.

What my group has to complete:

  • Some research and reading on your battle
  • A battle plan
  • A presentation of the battle plan. That is, the battle plan is put into something (slideshow for example)
  • An activity for the other students to complete. The activity could be a series of questions for students to answer, or a quiz (you could send me the questions and I could turn it into a quiz in the course, or a forum discussion or something else suitable.


  • Communication with the rest of your group will be very important and will be the first major challenge. Getting yourself organised won't be easy
  • Use our course forum to post questions. You will encounter difficulties and will need help. Post your questions
  • Don't procrastinate on this type of group activity - get on with it
  • Division of labour will be important. Decide who will do what early. It may be that you all work together on everything or each member does a different aspect of the task (e.g. battle plan, presentation, activity)

Each group will need to take the rest of the students through their battle plan in the video conference lesson