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World War One

The first World War which was mostly called the World War or the Great war from 1914 until the the start of World War 2 in 1939, was a major war centred in Europe that started on the 28th of July
1914 and ended on the 11th of November 1918. all the worlds major powers at the time were involved, they were split into two groups the allies which was made up of the United Kingdom , France and russia (until their revolution in October 1917 when the Bolsheviks who were communist took over) and then on April the 6th 1917 the USA joined World War One on the side of the allies, and the Central Powers who were made up of Germany, Austria-Hungry and later on in August with the signing of the Turco-German alliance the Ottoman Empire joined the Central Powers. These two groups got bigger as more nations entered the war.

During the course of the war more than 9 million soldiers were killed. This mostly because of the great advances in firepower from previous conflicts and the lack of advances in mobility.

The Direct Cause of World War One

  • One of the direct triggers of the first World War was the assassination of the archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife on the 28th of June 1914,  by Gavrilo Princip  who was a member of the Black Hand Gang(who were devoted to serbian unification) in Sarajevo Bosnia.  and because of this  Austria eventually declared war on Serbia on the 28th of July and this led to Russia who was bound by a treaty to serbia declaring war on Austria-Hungry, Germany who was an allie of Austria-Hungry because of a treaty to declare war on Russia on the 1st of August, France who was bound by treaty to russia found itself at war with germany and Austria-Hungry because they were allies with Germany, Britain to declare war on Germany and like France by extension they were also at war with Austria-Hungry. Japan who was honouring a military agreement with Britain declared war on Germany on the 23rd of August and two days later Austria-Hungry declared war on japan.
  • These were the alliaces that were made before World War One.
  • Although Italy  was allied to Germany and Austria-Hungry  in May the following year they joined the conflict by siding with the Allies against the Central Powers.
  • At the start of the war the US president Woodrow Wilson declared that the USA was neutral, this lasted untill 1917 when Germany's policy of unrestricted submarine warfare threatened America's commercial shipping. this forced  the US to finally enter the war on the 6th of April 1917.

Important Battles Of World War One

The Battle of the Somme

The battle started on the 1st of july 1916 near the Somme River France and was between Britain and Germany