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All completed assessments will be stored in the lundia storage system in the staff workroom. All assessments will have all the necessary NZQA documentation in the file box. Assessments will be stored until May of the following year after the results have been sent to NZQA. Assessments will then be either handed back to students, destroyed or kept as exemplars (with the permission of the student).

Recording of student grades

All internal assessment grades will be recorded in KAMAR. Students will be asked to sign off all grades from a KAMAR printout. Any disputes must be put in writing to the Specialist Subject Leader of Business within five working days.

Consistency across classes

Where practicable all assessments will be marked by one marker. The mark schedule will be agreed upon by all teachers before marking commences. A cross sample will be marked by another teacher and any differences will be discussed and agreed by mutual consent.

Standards that are new will need to be moderated by a teacher from another school

External moderation follow up

If there has been a problem with any of the moderation from NZQA a response form will be filled out. Any changes to the assessment will be made and recorded on the response form. This will be discussed in a department meeting and any changes will be added to the department minutes and the annual report.

Previous years results analysed

Results from all externals and internals will be analysed in a department meeting. Any major discrepancy from the National Decile 10 statistics will be examined and reasons for the differences discussed. Any appropriate changes to pedagogy and or assessments tasks will be made. This will be recorded at a department meeting. The results from this discussion will be included in a report to the Board.

Understanding of the standard

All teachers will be encouraged to attend professional development which will help in developing a better understanding of standards. Teachers will also be encouraged to attend cluster meetings where teachers from other schools have taught the standards are covering.

Print outs of clarification, markers report, annotated examples and exemplars to be filed in box.