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The principal Barbara Cavanagh has opened Albany Senior High School in February 2009, it is New Zealand's first state senior high school. It is located at 536, Albany Highway, North Shore City.

Albany Senior High School.jpg

  • The exterior view of Albany Senior High School

Students can choose from: a green polo; white t-shirt; red t-shirt and a white shirt for their school uniform, and students also have the option of pants or a skirt for girls and shorts and pants for the boys.

All classes, except some special classes, take place in a large open area enabling the ability to combine two classes into one for some activities, combining two similar curriculums for example, Physics and Mathematics.

Students can use any electronic device freely for their learning, such as laptops, mobile phones and tablets.

Studying periods are 100minutes, twice the length of other school periods in New Zealand. This helps students learn more in one period, and do more in class.


  •  One of the Learning Commons of Albany Senior High School


Impact Project

Every wednesday, Albany Senior High School provides a chance to follow and explore students’ passions in a project called ‘Impact Project’. Most students choose to do the things that will help them in the future with their career and this makes a positive contribution to our community and students are in charge of their own learning.

Students can choose a project based on their interests. For example, if a student wants to be a doctor, he/she could do his/her Impact Project on 'going to the hospital' and see and experience what kind of things he/she will have to do. They can form a business, organize and perform a concert, build a video server, design, build and program a robot for a competition and even create original artworks for the school.

If students present their topics to the Impact Project Committee, the committee links the students with other people who have same or similar interests.


Albany Senior High School has many facilities such as cafeteria, science labs, music studio, dance studio, computer lab and art room.

Also has a big room called 'Theatre' where we have performances and assemblies.

 - Cafeteria is located in the building in front of the reception, it is a bit bigger compare to other schools'.


  •  Cafeteria of Albany Senior High School.

 - Science labs contain computers for us to research duing our experiment allowing us to look up things that we are unaware of.

 - Music studio has many rooms for us to practice during breaktimes and the whole studio is sound-proof so its not loud outside of it.

 - Dance studio has full sound system, allowing us to connect any music device.

 - Computer lab has about 30 computers in a square shape, so it is easy for the teacher to see what the students are doing.

Korean Night was performed in the theatre, theatre has good sound systems, and advanced equipments.


Korean Night

Korean Night was performed 27th of July 2012. This was Albany Senior High School's very first Korean Night.

Most of the korean students at this school were part of the performance.

These korean students were split into two teams, 'Backstage', and 'Performers'.

Korean Night Poster

  • Korean Night Poster

Yr13 performers:

A Young Kim, Joshua Kim, Angela Lee, Amy Kim, Sean Lee, Chae Rin Lee, Daniel Kang, Simona Yim and Jasmine Ji

Yr12 performers:

 Lauren Hur, Stephanie Jang, Andy Kim, Dylan Hwang and William Kim

Yr11 performers:

 Rachel Park, Esther Lim, Hwanjun Kim, Yeonwoo Kwak, Dohun Kim, Brian Ji, Seraphina Koo, Hanbee Jeong, Shine Meretiun and Erae Kim

Organisers and Backstage:

 Ju Yeon Back, Jessie Ko, Alex Kim, Hyojin Kim, Jimmy Jang, Sungjun Kim, and Andy Yi



Albany Senior High School has unique school system like Impact Project, which was quite hard to understand, but as I got used to it, it was actually really useful and helpful.

- Brian Ji

Albany Senior High School's teachers are very nice and helpful it was really easy for me to learn English here.

- Dohun Kim

 I like Albany Senior High School because it provides lots for students.
- Hanbee Jeong

 Albany Senior High School gives freedom for students to learn at their own pace.

- Dylan Hwang

 The fact that the teachers of Albany Senior High are respectful to the students is good.

- Esther Lim

 I like how the school is very free. The teachers are not as strict as other school teachers.

- Angela Lee

For more information about Albany Senior High School, please visit,_Auckland