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Programme Components

Wednesday meetings
New staff are welcome to attend meeting as well (with relevance especially for the first two parts)

We will be responsive to what your current needs are.  For example, the beginning of the year could be about starting strong, whereas closer to exams could be around exam revision techniques. Also tutorial and impact project related support such as stocktakes, dialogues, ideas generation and proposals.

-All steps have evidence of reflection
-Data appropriate to the inquiry has been collected
-Reflections are linked to next-steps.
-Evidence of practice consolidation.

-Each PRT will have a turn at presenting on an RTC, what their interpretation is and the types of evidence that can be collected. Looking to see how the RTC fits in current PI cycle is a great place to begin. Also finishing with reflection questions or a task to engage the PRTs is useful for adding to their portfolios.

-2 per term from mentor/SLT/dept
-You are encouraged and go and observe other classes in action, if they are happening while your class is on you can book a reliever or would like a shadow coach for 30mins here
-Observations at ASHS are easy to organise and gives your the opportunity to watch good practice

-PRT1s have 60mins allocated weekly mentoring time, PRT2s have fortnightly mentoring time. Added support available from SLT when required.
-Mentors will be asking edutcative questions as opposed to solely offering advice and guidance.  It is recommended you reflect following these meetings and build this into your portfolio of evidence.
"...through active listening and open questioning mentors give their PRTs more opportunity to discuss their own beliefs about students and their learning and to make their own decisions regarding teaching..." {Guidelines for Induction and Mentoring and Mentor Teachers 2011}

End of year presentations
-You will be asked to present your main learnings over the year to other PRTs/Mentor/SLT. This will draw on the evidence and reflection you have done throughout the year. You are welcome to film the presentation to include in your portoflio and it is encouraged that you collect feedback from those attending your presentation. Further guidelines on this presentation can be found here: [1]

Visits to other schools
-We organise at least one visit to another school each year to learn more about another con}exts and from the experiences of fellow PRTs

Open door policy
The SLT office is always open for additional support.  Please feel free to instant message us, phone, email or walk in if you would like support.

Registration Requirements

A PORTFOLIO and evidence of:

  • Fully documented inquiry cycle - with beginning, middle and end (that is an 'educative, evaluative and comprehensive ongoing process')
  • Inquiry linked the RTC's
  • Appraisal documents
  • Regular self reflection - check out this example
  • Regular meetings with mentor
  • Observations of yourself and others
  • Participation in relevant PLD opportunities
  • Summative and formative feedback for students and yourself
  • Other things that could influence your reflections - see google doc for ideas

Reinforcement/Learning Strategies

Awesome link here

Isaac 8/6/12

Time/Identifying the techniques

ASHS expertise database

Click here

Link to book observations

click here

Sharon also available Lines 4 and 5 (and can book cover outside of those lines)

Eportfolio Help

Template with RTC and criteria

Reflective questions for evidence gathering

Advice for a 1st year teacher :)

What are you reading/watching/into?

Hilarious video on class sizes

Teacher rant about class sizes

For the love to learning - recognise all