Albany Senior High School/Mathematics textbook planning

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Working space for OER textbook

Use this space to explore ideas for the creation of a senior secondary mathematics textbook

Design principles

  • Collaboration means: teacher > teacher; teacher > student; student > student
  • Use the WE pedagogical templates here
  • Make use of the embed page feature in order to remix and reuse content. For example, the 'numbers' topic, might be composed of embedded content from real numbers, natural numbers, integers, rational and irrational numbers. If in doubt, choose smaller units of orgnisation and use the embed feature.
  • Each topic/subtopic should include as many of the following as possible:
    • Preknowledge: links to previous knowledge required to understand the current topic. Use the {{Preknowledge|template}}
    • Space for students to create and answer each others' examples
    • Authentic learning: explanations of where this might occur in the wild.
    • Reinforcement activities: links to online quizzes to deepen and reinforce the learning. {{Activities|template}}
    • Video/multimedia explanations. {{Media|template}}
    • Anything else?
  • All pages should adhere to the hierarchy: Topic and subtopic should be human readable as these form the title of the page when using the {{ShortTitle}} template. eg. use equations instead of
  • Use the {{Media_required|text here}} to indicate where a topic can be improved with the addition of a video or other multimedia.