Leadership in tutorials

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Building leadership in tutorials:

  • Foster leadership skills through structured activities. Start small and build opportunities for leadership.
  • Recognise that all students have the capability to be leaders in their own way, then build on these skills for taking ownership of the tutor group. Know your student's strengths well.
  • Need to have student ownership
  • Give students the opportunity to lead: bring in the brainteaser for the next lesson. Spread leadership throughout the group. Have co-leaders or several, responsible for different, interchageable things.
  • Use small groups so lots of leadership opportunities
  • Get all students to be leaders- so when you are away, your tutorial can run itself
  • Have more than one leader
  • Build the leader into all tutorials, not just when tutor is absent
  • Create an expert list of people's strengths
  • Co-construct and share structures, calendars etc. with students
  • Have an unconference! Get students who are good at things to share and teache others. Build everyone's leadership capacity
  • Show and tell: have students share what's working for them.