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This is when the proposal is modified and refined and details added to design a workable plan. During this period you will be in regular contact with your supervising teacher, tutor teacher as well as seeking feedback from your community advisor and key stakeholder(s) when it is appropriate. This will help you to continually reflect on and improve the projects design and outcomes.

The plan will include details such as;

  • a timeline with milestones for your project
  • identifying tasks and roles
  • creating a task schedule
  • preparing a detailed budget and resource plan
  • gaining resources and commitments for support

It is important that throughout this process you keep and maintain a reflective journal (logbook or e-portfolio) as a record of your progress. This should consider how well key milestones of the project were achieved and include any problems you encountered and your solutions. This journal will help you, your tutor teacher and your supervisor to check and reflect on your progress.

For example: After preliminary testing of Lucas creek, you have decided to look at whether adding more riparian planting will improve the water quality for your silver CREST project. Your main challenges are how to get all the planting completed in a short space of time with limited money. You identify the key actions that need to happen for success, then map these out on a timeline in consultation with your mentors from Waicare.