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Sharon Catchpole: Impact Project Cluster 3 Leader

Ecology at ASHS

Abbey Wakelin, Jessica Fitch, Nathan Maloney, Jacob Rowan and Kyla Greening carried out a monitoring programme using tracking tunnels to investigate our local biodiversity trough collection and analysis of data. They worked closely with experts who supported their learning. Thank you to Warren Agnew (Blacktracker inventor), Peter King (Waitakere ecologist) and to Sarah Flynn (Ecologist).

The project was completed successfully with all students developing ecological monitoring, investigation and reporting skills. Abbie was an outstanding leader ensuring the teams success. Jessica received an excellence in a level 2 education for sustainability standard (6 credits).

Trash to Fashion

Rachael Grubb entered the Trash to Fashion Awards for her Impact Project in the first term, her category was Jean Geanie which meant that her garment had to be made out of 80% old jeans and 20% old T-shirts. The piece which Rachael designed and created was a beautifully executed entirely hand sewn dress made up of deconstructed denim yo yo's and plaited hand dyed cotton T-shirts. Rachael went straight through to the finals, and went on to win this category when she modelled the garment herself in the Catwalk show held at Corbans Art Centre.
Rachael has certainly shown us that Trash can be Fashion.


Students: Ross McWilliams, Brendon Finlay, Oscar Davidson, Kate Neil

The aim of this project was to investigate the health of our local streams and add this data to a national database. Also to learn more about the native organisms which live in our streams . The stream study was assisted by North Shore City Council’s Wai Care programme and the students worked with Megan Beard (Waicare) and Paul Woodard (Freshwater fish specialist contractor for Doc/Council). Their presentation engaged students by using live demonstartions and displays of the organisms they found in the stream. Brendon and Kate have submitted a level 2 Education for Sustainability standard (6 credits).

Zoo TV

In semester one Maddison Ridge-Hall and Victoria Davidson were the first students to work with Auckland Zoo on Zootv. They created an informative and engaging ‘animal fact file’ video about Auckland Zoo’s Californian Sealions and New Zealand Fur Seals. The Marketing department, Discovery and Learning and the Auckland Zoo Sealion Keepers were pleased with the resulting video.

In Semester 2 Melissa Murphy Doene Roos created a video about the tigers which showcased how beautiful they are as well as key conservation messages to help their survival! The way they cut to certain images and used iMovie tools to create imagery that illustrated their messages throughout engaged their audience.

Well done girls!

Hospitality and Catering

Janie Patroni was in the Junior Hospitality Challenge entered the Front of House category. She was required to set a table for four people for a three course meal. At the prize giving Janie received a gold medal for her efforts. That means she scored over 90% The table looked absolutely stunning.

Janie also mentored two other students who entered this competition.

As a result of her success Janie competed in the NZ Culinary Challenge and once again gave a very polished performance