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Ross Martin: Impact Project Cluster 1 Leader

Leader: Ross Martin

Focus Groups: Business, Technology involving Computers and Electronics, Social Groups, Fund-raising

Groups to include: Group making Electromagnetic Cannon, Video Server/Open Bookmaking, Map Design for Portal,

Tux on Servers:

Andrew Hill, Shane Geddes and Lekshmen Kannan set about building a set of open source tools that would enhance learning across ASHS. They re-developed and enhanced the school video server 'OurTube', created a school microblogging site and developed a site that allows all staff and students to save, share and rate useful websites. These online websites will help other students in the school as they allow the easy spread of information. Their Mirco-blog site allows students to post up to the minute information about what there are doing in e.g. their impact Project. While their social bookmarking website allows for useful subject specific sites to be shared with classmates and fellow students.

In January the boys are attending the linux conference in Brisbane. They will be talking to delegates about the work they have done for our school.

Impact Project CVseeme1.jpg
CV See me:

The project aim for CV See Me was to develop a tool for the employment market. Danny Cloete and Ashley Coetzer determined the needs of the jobseeker market by collecting relevant data. They made contact with Melanie Mitt from Albany Executive Recruitment who gave them value feedback influencing their business model. Danny and Ashley have their product almost ready for the market and plan to continue with their business opportunity.

Blink Marketing:

David Cox and Hamish Anderson ran a successful business in Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is where a company promotes a vendors product to online consumers and receives revenue commissions in return for their services. Dave and Hamish found a method of generating revenue which sees them banking cheques to the value of hundreds of US dollars each month!
They are now investigating other business opportunities for the future. Their goal is to be billionaires and have Ross Martin come and work for them.

Impact project Electromagneticgun.JPG
Electromagnetic canon:

Sam Ward and Sam Petit wanted to construct an electomagnetic cannon that could fire metal ball bearings. At first the cannon would dribble the ball bearings out the front. As their project progressed they worked with experts to improve their prototype. They consciously applied the principles of physics and were resourceful, cannibalizing electronic parts from scrapped cameras for recycling. The final product could fire out bearings with speed, accuracy and force.

Portal Unity Project:

Students: Daniel Cowpertwait, Rory Van Westrene