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Terms and definitions for phrases commonly used at Albany Senior High School

Learning Common

A physical space that is home to a learning community, and where learning takes place. There are 10 learning commons in our building, and each one is the size of 5 classrooms. They are flexible learning spaces.

Learning Community

A collection of tutorial groups. The Learning Communities are named after significant trees on our school site.


A collection of students and a tutor, that meets twice a week and is focused on raising the learning of all participants.

Impact Project

A project with a clearly defined deliverable outcomes, driven by student interest. Students work individually or in teams under the mentorship of a teacher and stakeholders in the community. Wednesdays are dedicated to the pursuit of these projects.


An acronym which stands for Albany Senior High School.

Learning Dialogue

A planned meeting amongst the student, parent and tutor teacher. Its objective is to support and enhance the learning of the student. The meeting is spearheaded by the student and facilitated by the tutor.

Annual School Celebration

An annual event of the school which extends beyond prizegiving, to celebrate the achievements and success of the students.

Red Flag

An alert raised by the tutor teacher when there is a concern that the student is under achieving. Before raising the Red Flag the academic performance of the student is evaluated against a set criteria.