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About Us

We are an Imapact Project group that intends to help new ESOL students that have difficulty on how this school works. This is the place for you if you have questions or queries. We will do our best in trying to make things clear for you.

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Teachers names

At ASHS (Albany Senior High School) we call teachers by their first names (except for Mr. Wong). If you were annoyed with having to call teachers by their last names then there won't be a problem in this school. It is not compulsory to call teachers by their first names either. If you think it is rude and informal or ever had the urge to call teachers by their first names then you are more than welcome to refer teachers the way you used to.



The timetable of this school is much different than other schools. Each period in normal schools would be from 50-60 minutes long whereas in ASHS each period is 100 minutes long and have a total of 3 three periods a day. The reason for this is so that students can think more deeply in their subjects. This time can be used in many ways such as working in smaller or larger groups, acess technology when needed for investigation, present ideas, and reflect on the work you have accoplished. Process for this thorough learning takes time and although it may seem very new and difficult to get used to, once you adapt to this new education life, you will soon think that this timetable may be more effective in some ways.

Every Tuesdays and Thursdays there is something called 'tutorials'. On Tuesdays you spend 100 minutes and on Thursdays you spend 50 minutes on tutorial. During tutorial sessions you spend time with your tutor discussing how your school life is going and what things makes your learning and what prevents or disturbs you from learning. With this time you can ask for help from other teachers if you are struggling or need to catch up on homework or assignments and even extra study. On Thursdays you will only spend 50 minutes during tutorial and for the rest of the 50 minutes there is 'Community Development'. This is the time where the whole school gathers (assembly) to share successes, showcase excellent learning, hear from community experts, have videocasts from global leaders and listen to visitors. All these will not occur in the 50 minutes but instead have one event every Community Development'.

Once you start coming to this school you will notice that every Wednesday there is something called 'Impact Project'. Impact Projects take up the whole day and in that time you will work on a structured investigation or a project that you create and design based on your passions and introduce it to the staff and students. For more information on impact projects you can read about it further down the page.

Every Wednesdays, there are no classes, instead we have something called 'Impact Projects'. For impact projects you create your own project that can make a difference or have an imapct on the community. What your impact project is going to be about is totally up to you. At first it may seem that it is a waste of time however as time passes on you will learn and experience more about imapct projecs and you will come to get used to it and it will be a day you will look foward to as long as you make the correct choices. In impact projects teachers to train you to think creatively and co-operatively with other team mates so that when you come to get a job, you will know what it will be like.