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Product Design courses at Albany Senior High School are based around learning how you can identify and solve  problems through applying a developing base of design ability. You will use a number of different methods to do this including graphical skills, model making, oral and written communication, carrying out and analysing original research, critical analysis of products and materials. You will also learn to choose and apply a range of practical skills that you will identify and become competent at as part of the process of creating a successful outcome. You will look more broadly at how the technology that underpins the design of products impacts on society both historically and as an ever more crucial part of our future. What are the consequences of not managing our used products and materials responsibly? Where will the sustainable energy required for future growth come from? How do we ensure that we leave a legacy which allows future generations to survive and flourish? In Product Design our main aims are that you find academic rigour and enjoy the courses offered and that you also develop an awareness that a sense of social responsibility is always at the heart of good technological practice.