Albany Senior High School/Causes and Consequences of the signing of the Treaty of Waitangi

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 Settlers came to New Zealand - why

Traders and Sailors came to New Zealand - why

Missionaries came to New Zealand - why

The New Zealand Company came to New Zealand - why

The British Crown resisted coming to New Zealand  - why

Missionaries put pressure on the British Crown to come to New Zealand - why? 

Maori put pressure on the British Crown to become involved - 1839 Declaration of Independence -  canoe paddling the same direction...after the musket wars - French were interested in ceding/taking NZ as a colony - position in the world /ocean for control of resources and trading and whaling etc. Akaroa. 

The British Crown saw that it needed to come to New Zealand - why 1. Saw the economic and political value in the position of NZ in the world /ocean. 2. Sort out the behaviour of the 2000 settlers already here. Korerareka /russell, humanitarian groups in England wished to see that Maori were defended from immorality, would not be taken advantage of and lose their land to unscrupulous buyers and at low prices

The British Crown set the tone of the Treaty and further land sales - how


The results for Maori in the first 20 years after the signing - land alienation at low prices without the promised stuff

Deputations to complain to see if they can get better prices or be able to sell to individuals

The rules and rulers of the Native Land Court

1960's urbanisation - integration of the dying race (1970's) young Maori radicals who were educated and going to university also teaming up with urban gangs

A demand for redress of the Treaty and Maori control of Maori things - protesting

Consequences of the Treaty not being upheld - The land march - Call for Te Reo to be protected and nurtured

1975 Waitangi Tribunal which was setup to review claims and grievences

Late 70's early 80's able to review grievences way back to 1840

State owned enterprizes act 1980's

New Zealand constitution

Nga Tamatoa