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== <span style="color: blue">COURSE MATERIALS FOR IB 102 COURSE</span> ==

 == <span style="color: blue">COURSE OUTLINE INTRO.TO BUSINESS 102</span> ==

 == <span style="color: green">COURSE DESCRIPTION</span> ==This course is the first step in a well-planned learning agenda that prepares students to become contributing citizens capable of making astute personal economic decisions. Topics covered include economic environment, global competition, entrepreneurship, general and human resources management, marketing, accounting, finance, information systems, and challenges of business careers. In order to foster students' ability to think critically, this course emphasizes an integrated approach that provides opportunities for study of the synergy among business functions.

  == <span style="color: green">COURSE OUTCOME</span> ==

Upon completion of this course, the student should: 1. be familiar with the curriculum 2. Have an understanding of how the different 3. be familiar with the functional areas and the integration of the areas 4. Have an ability to draw upon basic economic reasoning while recognizing ethical and global

5. Have developed basic research, analysis, writing, computer, teaming, and presentation skills 6. Have developed Career Business Portfolio on a chosen firm or industry

<span style="color: green">IB-102: Lesson 1 - Nature and purpose of businesses </span>

 == <span style="color: green">IB-102: Lesson 2 - Structure and classification of businessess</span> ==== <span style="color: green">IB-102: Lesson 3 - Objectives in businessess </span> ==

  == <span style="color: green">ANNOUNCEMENTS</span> ==

  == <span style="color: green">ASSESSMENT TOOLS</span> ==