Agricultural crisis

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Agricultural Crisis

Africa has been facing a serious agricultural crisis since the seventies as a result of:

  1. incresed oil prices,
  2. poor agricultural systems
  3. increased prices of inputs
  4. poor agricultural policies
  5. inapropriate eating habits
  6. soil exhaustion
  7. ecological degradation
  8. unfavourable climatic conditions and a host of other environmental factors.

The crisis now threatens to engulf the entire world. With a decrease in food per capita and spiralling prices of food the world is reelling under mounting pressure to;

  • provide cheap foods
  • ensure equitable distribution of food
  • look for stop gap messurs to alleviate poverty and looming food shortage riots.

History of Agricultural Changes

Since it is not possible to cover the whole worrld or Africa in that matter, I will only share with you a case study of the Kipsigis people of Kenya This paper was presented at the ATWS held in Kenya. More information on the Kipsigisland