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Workshop title: COL/CTA/RUFORUM Web 2.0 Training for Research Support and Networking.

Venue: Ridar Hotel, Mukono, Uganda.

Name: Agnes M. Oywaya Nkurumwa.

Institution: Egerton University, Kenya.

Position Lecturer.

Country: Kenya.

Action Items Start to implement action plan
What I plan to do after the Web 2.0 Training Within 2 months After 2 months As Arises
Maintain the linkages formed through this training by regular online interactions with course participants and RUFORUM staff X X X
Write a back to office report on the Web 2.0 training for my head of Department X
Organize an institutional workshop to share information on the use of Web 2.0 tools with colleagues at the University X
Format and upload course materials onto the Web and improve them from online sources X X
Guide and encourage my students to use web 2.0 technology to access course materials and related content X X X
Link up with online journals and publish journal articles online X X X
Carry out collaborative proposal writing and research online through group 4 X X X
Use Web 2.0 tools to expand and enrich my academic and social networks X X X