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Schools buy apparatus such as:

  • meter rulers
  • stands
  • burettes
  • cylinders
  • ammeters
  • voltmeters
  • switches
  • connecting wire
  • springs
  • bobs
  • Constantine wire

As they are common requirements in exams.


  • CRO = cathode-ray oscilloscopes
  • gold leaf electroscopes
  • ripple tanks
  • resonance tubes
  • electro-meters
  • traveling microscopes

Reports on the situation in school labs

At times the apparatus is of very poor finish and design. Then the girls have to clean it. The laboratory does not have a conducive environment. If we have rats in the lab, are they well confined and the place does not develop foul smell? User:Romutujju

This is really too bad!
How about constructing rat traps with the children? That stimulates a lot of creativity!--GünOss 10:25, 18 November 2009 (UTC)