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Cricket in Afghanistan has been emerged in the last two decades. It was Pakistan where the Afghans learnt the game of cricket when Millions of Afghans migrated to Pakistan after the Russian invasion. In Pakistan, these afghan refugees started to imitate what their Pakistani neighbors were playing. Slowly the Afghans also learned this game. They started playing it in their refugee camps.
Cricket Board
Afghanistan Cricket Federation was formed in 1995 and became an affiliate member of The International Cricket Council (ICC) in 2001 and a member of the Asian Cricket Council (ACC) in 2003. Afghanistan Cricket board in the recent months has organized many domestic tournaments which is a good thing for promoting cricket in the war torn country. Many International organizations are helping cricket in Afghanistan. ICC and ACC are also playing their main rule in promoting cricket in Afghanistan.
National Team
The Afghan National Cricket team has achieved so much in the last few years. Just two years ago they were playing in the ICC division 5 cricket but now they are an ODI team. In February 2010 Afghanistan secured a place in the T20 cricket world cup in West Indies. Afghanistan played its two matches with India and South Africa. Afghanistan played v well against both the teams and impressed millions of viewers around the world.
Hope very soon Afghanistan will be a leading team in the Cricket world. It will play against the major teams like Australia, Pakistan, and India etc. Cricket will introduce Afghanistan to the world as a peaceful nation who loves to play as well.