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Engl 127 Introduction to Creative Writing and Practical Drama

In this course we will go throught the following topics:

"Introduction to the course"

"The Course Outline"


Engl 313 Romantic Poetry and Oral Literature

In this course we will go through the following topics:

"What is Romanticism and the Romantic Period?"

"What is Oral Literature?" Article on Ruth Finnegan

Engl 323 Advanced African and Victorian Poetry

Engl 411 American Literature

Engl 413 Practical Criticism

Engl 311H and Engl 321H Practical Criticism Engl 411H and Engl 421H American Literature

Diploma in Library Studies Courses

All diploma in library studies courses go here

Lics 117 Communication Skills. Literature in English.

Diploma and Certificate in Early Childhood Care Courses

All diploma and certificate in Early Childhood Care go here

Ecc 123 Interpersonal Communication Ecc 124 Introduction to Creative Expression


All announcements and deadlines for the 2011/12 academic year will be here