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Shotover Jet, Queenstown, New Zealand

Image courtesy of exfordy

This schedule is part of the Adventure Tourism course and is used in the following programme


Week 1 (July 21): Introduction and overview

Week 2 - 5:(July 28 - August 29) Interpretation

Weeks 6 - 8: (September 1 - 17) Tour Planning

Planning, preparing and guiding visitors through an adventure tourism activity of more than one day

Weeks 9 - 10: (September 18 - 26) 7 night fieldtrip - Wanaka

The fieldtrip provide the practical for running a tour of more than one night with the accompanying interpretation. Preparation for this will take place during the weeks leading up to the fieldtrip.

Friday, September 27 - Debrief for work based research project


These are presently being pre-moderated by our training provider ATTTO.

  • written assignment - reports,
  • simulation/roleplay
  • scenario critiques
  • work based assessment
  • peer assessment

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