Advantages of metal equipments.

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S.P.Nimal chandrananda- Sri Lanka

Characteristics of metals


        There are so many kinds of metals in the world. Human produce lot of instrument which are using in the day today life by using metals. It is very important to study about metals. From that knowledge we can get good idea about instruments which are created by metals. From this book you can get opportunity to learn about some characteristics of metals.

Learning objectives.

            After studying this lesson you will be able to get following outcomes,

ü List out some metals’ names.

ü Identify some characteristics of metals.

ü Describe about some equipments which are produce by metals.

ü Define the important of metals.


   Introducing some special qualities of metals.

   Equipments, produced by metals.

   Advantages of metal equipments.

   Metal equipments which are using in home.


1) Tick the correct sentence

· Important instruments are created by metals

· Gold is more expensive

· Cupper is not a metal

· Metal is heat conductive material

· Metal can bend and hammer

2) Write five important can be obtain by metals

3) Name four hardware which are use in the home.


                 Metal is very important thing in the world. Human obtain more important from the metals. As examples, aero planes, Rockets are excellent productions which are created by using metals. Gold also a metal and we produce more kind of jewelers from gold. Cupper, Iron, Silver, Magnesium are more examples for metals.

Key points

v Human get more important from metals.

v There are varies metals in the world.

v Gold is more expensive metal.

v Cupper, Iron, Silver, Magnesium are some examples for metals.

Practice test

· Describe how we identify metals.



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