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CURRICULUM VITAE I. (a) Name: ADEKUNLE, ADEBISI AINA (b) Date of Birth: 26th July, 1964 II. (a) First Academic Appointment Lecturer II, 1December, 1990 (b) Present Post (with date) Senior Lecturer October, 2003 (c) Date of Last Promotion 1st October, 2003

III. University Education (with dates)

  (a)	University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria 		1982 – 1985 
  (b)	Nigeria Law School, Lagos, Nigeria 		1985 – 1986 
  (c)  University  of Lagos, Nigeria 			1988 – 1989 

IV. Academic Qualifications (with dates and granting bodies) LL.B (Hons) University of Lagos, Nigeria 1985 LL.M. University of Lagos, Nigeria 1989

V. Professional Qualifications and Diplomas (with date) (B.L), Barrister at Law 1986

VI. Scholarships, Fellowship and Prizes (with dates) in Respect of Undergraduate and Postgraduate Work. Nil VII. Honours, Distinctions and Membership of

Learned Societies 

1. Member, Nigerian Bar Association 2. Member, International Bar Association 3. Member, Nigerian Association of Law Teachers VI. Details of Teaching Experience at University Level

IA. Undergraduate Level 400 Level 1. LPB 401 – Land Law I - 1995 to date 2. LPB 402 – Land Law II - 1995 to date 3. LPB 403 – Equip and Trusts I - 1995 4. LPB 404 – Equip and Trusts II - 1995 500 Level 5. LPB 501 – Law of Business Association I - 1990 to date 6. LPB 502 – Law of Business Association II - 1990 to date 7. LPB 503 – Law of Banking and Insurance I - 1992 to date 8. LPB 504 – Law of Banking and Insurance II - 1992 to date 9. LPB 507 – Labour Law I - 1996/1997 10. LBP 508 - Labour Law II

B. Supervision of Final Year Essay Projects LAW 599Of over 200 students - 1991 to date

IIA. Postgraduate Level (LL.M) 1. LPB 703 – Comparative Company Law I - 2002 to date 2. LPB 704 – Comparative Company Law II - 2002 to date

B. Supervision of Post Graduate Long Essays LAW 799 of over 20 students - 2002 to date

12. Details Of Working Experience With Dates.

i. Legal Practitioner,

John Ochoga and Company , Otukpo, Benue State   	-   

Solicitors and Advocates - 1986 to 1987

    ii.  Legal Practitioner,
   	Dele Awoniyi and Company, Ikeja,
         Solicitors and Advocates                                                 	-       1987 to 1990 
   iii.	Partner and Consultant Researcher,
       	Ogbeche,Aina,Oho and Company,Ikeja                    	-     
       Solicitors and Advocates                                          	-      1990 to date 

IX. Research

(i) Completed 1. Aina , A.A. “Law and Practice of Corporate Meetings”

(ii) In Progress: (1) “Alternative Remedies to Winding Up. Under the Just and Equitable Rule” (2) “The Power of Directors and other Corporate Fiduciaries” (3) Parental Responsibility (4) “Securities Regulation in Nigeria”

(iii) Dissertation and Thesis


X. Publications (i) Books or Chapters in Books Already Published 1. Aina, A. A. (1996) “Some Recent Developments in Nigerian company Law” In J.D. OJo (ed.) University of Ibadan Law Essays, Ibadan, Faculty of Law University of Ibadan pp. 242-260.

  • 2 Aina, A.A. (1999) “Non-Disclosure of Reasonable Cause of Action: A Critical Appraisal” Burning Issues in Civil and Criminal Procedure and Practice, Lagos International Legal Research House pp. 92 – 104.
  • 3 Aina, A.A. (2001) “Machinery of Justice in Nigeria” In J.O. Anifalaje (ed) Justice in Nigerian Courts. Lagos, Adimula Press, pp. 1 – 82.
      4      Aina A.A. (2010)  Courts and Justice Administration in Nigeria,  NOUN                                   	

(ii) Patents: NIL

 (iii)	Articles That Have Already Appeared in Learned Journals  
  • 5 Aina, A.A. 1997 “Directors Fiduciary Duty to Avoid Conflict of Duties and Interest – Search for a General Test” Journal of Private and Business Law, University of Ibadan. Vol. 1 No. 1, pp. 56 – 67.
  • 6 Aina, A.A. (2001) “Minority Protection and corporate Litigation in Nigeria” Nigerian Journal of private and Commercial Law. Vol. 1, No.1, pp. 37 – 61.
  • 7. Aina, A.A. (20020 “Reflections on Partnership Law in Nigeria” Journal of Private and Business Law, University of Ibadan. Vol. 1, No. 2 pp. 78 – 93.
  • 8. Aina, A.A. (2002) “The Law, Privatization and Economic Development” Journal of Private and Business Law, University of Ibadan. Vol. 3, No. 3,
         pp.90 to 105.

9. Aina,A.A.(2006) “Ultra Vires Doctrine is Dead”Journal of Private and Business Law,Vol.5,No.5 . 10. Aina,A.A.(2007) Law of Landlord and Tenant in Nigeria. Sceptre Publishers,Ibadan

IV.Books, Chapters in Books and Articles Already Accepted for Publication

11. Aina, A.A (2005) “The Sea and Environmental Protection”, Journal of Public Law and Practice, Accepted, 16 Dec. 2005.

12. Aina A.A (2006)” An Appraisal of Law On Unit Trust Scheme In Nigeria”, of Private and Commercial Law, Accepted, 14 July, 2006.

13    Aina A.A.[2007] The Role of Directors in Corporate Governance,Ikeja Bar Journal,Accepted 13 August 2007.

V. Technical Report Nil MAJOR Conferences attended With paper Read (in the Last 5 years 1. Nigeria Association, of Law Teachers Conference Held at Ogun State University, Ago Iwoye Ogun State. June 1993. 2. Nigeria Association of Law Teachers Conference Held at Lagos State University Lagos April 2002. Paper Read “Privatization As An Instrument for Economic Development”, 2002 3. Nigeria Association of Law Teachers Conference held at Nigeria Institute of Advanced Legal Studies, Lagos 2003. 4. Conference on International Criminal Justice Held at National Open University,Victoria Island , Lagos July 2011 paper read Aina A.A.(2011)"Towards a Universal Acceptance of the International Criminal Court"