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Brainstorm list

Please list the three most important needs that could potentially be addressed by using free content resources Namibia

  1. Broadening ACCESS to education through ODL and blended learning, especially to remote areas and marginalised groups.
  2. Enhancing the QUALITY of learning for both ODL learners and those studying in conventional schools.
  3. Expanding the BREADTH of learning by providing experiences (e.g. electronic physics experiments) that learners would not otherwise have access to.
  4. Promotion of e-learning to other institutions, Colleges/ Universities, Authorities. This will increase access to education and training in general and ODL in particular.
  5. Developing of web-based/digital learning content using open source software including the development of technical and vocational training course materials.
  6. Capacity building in digital content development using open source software, engaging formal school teachers, lecturers and trainers in developing multi-media web-based material to compliment their teaching.