Activity for learning Skill of Set Induction

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Lesson Plan (Set Induction)

Name of pupil teacher :
Class VI
Topic: Banking (Mathematics)
Sub topic: Need for banking

Previous knowledge testing
The teacher enters the class. He suddenly slips some of the currency deliberately on the ground. He starts collecting the same. He simultaneously seeks advice from the students about how to ensure safety of the money.
Q. I cannot keep my money all the time in my pocket, it might be stolen by pick pockets or get lost in the way, then what should I do for the safety of the money?
R. Keep in a locker at home
Q. Is it safe to keep all the money in a locker at home, It might be stolen by the house-hold servants or the thieves.
R. It should be invested in some business?
Q. All the money cannot be invested, there may be loss & all wipe away in one time. So where the money should be kept?
R. No response

Introduction of the topic: So today we shall be learning about the institution whose functions include safety of the money. The institution is called “Bank”.