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Analysing Activity Based Learning in Primary Classes


So far the concentration in overhauling of primary education, has been to make activity based teaching. The present project tries to analyse how much of this teaching results in activity based learning ,as far as the child/student is concerned.


The present project aims at finding out how much of learning has resulted from the activity based method of teaching in the different primary classes (class I to class V)


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*To study the different methods of teaching used from class I to class V
  • To observe the interaction of students and report
  • To observe the voluntary participation of students.
  • To understand how the topic of the said period is recapitulated
  • To study the evaluation procedure of the activity by the teacher.
  • To relate the results to the achievement result of the students

Project Plan


Observation of the different class teaching will be done for a month in each of the schools chalked out for the study. Initially we will work on Govt. schools, then go on to Public schools and then to the private schools The results of the observation will be tabulated . The teacher teaching the classes will be inte4rviewed to find out how she marks and evaluates the students. Observation of the achievement results will also help tally and correlate with the achievement results.


    • How much participation /interaction is present
    • How Teacher recapitulates
    • Evaluation Method
    • Achievement results as indicator
    • How useful this process could be
    • How to improve/on what points

The process will take at least one year's time to get actual results.