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  1. Activities for Output 1: Sharing of development information and knowledge to improved
    1. Identify sources of specific information in agricultural sciences and seek the participation of these sources in the networking programme.
    2. Develop a dynamic database of information collaborators and partners.
    3. Develop an information sharing policy among the RUFORUM fraternity
  2. Activities for Output 2: Targeted information and knowledge resources developed
    1. Conduct information needs assessment to establish which institution has what kind of information, the information they need and the format it is available in.
    2. Identify expertise or Resource persons to develop the required information-knowledge resources
    3. Develop open-access information and knowledge resource materials
    4. Develop a platform/interface or portal for accessing information and knowledge resources
  3. Activities for Output 3: Network or platform for collaboration and sharing knowledge and information in research and training developed
    1. Identify the type of platform for networking and collaboration to be developed
    2. Design and develop the agreed upon platform
    3. Pull together the information and knowledge resources for development
    4. Launching the Platform
  4. Activities for Output 4: Human, infrastructural and networking capacity of higher education institutions to share information and knowledge for sustainable development enhanced
    1. Human capacity building to information generators and administrators
    2. ICT infrastructure of partner institutions up-graded
    3. Information sharing and collaboration policy developed and approved