Access computer resources via a local area network (LAN)

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Based on NZQA 5938

People credited with this unit standard are able to: describe the use of a LAN; access a LAN; manage files on a LAN; and manage printing on a LAN. This unit is based on a person having the prior knowledge and skills to operate a personal computer, such as those covered by in knowledge of a personal computer system.

This unit is used in the following courses

Describe the use of a LAN

  • The advantages and disadvantages of using LAN systems are outlined and compared to stand alone systems.
  • The ethical issues associated with the use of LANs are outlined.

Range: may include but is not limited to - privacy, security, use of resources.

Access a LAN

  • Workstation connection is established according to organisation procedure for user access.
  • Workstation disconnection is made according to organisation procedure for user access.

Manage files on a LAN

  • Transfer of files across a LAN is demonstrated.
  • Files are opened, created and saved using a networked application.

Manage printing on a LAN

  • A print job is sent to a selected printer, other than the default printer.