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Establishment of SIET in Andhra Pradesh

  • With the advent of INSAT and con-committant demand for educational media software, CIET in NCERT and SIETs in Andhra Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Orissa, Gujarat, Bihar and Maharashtra were established. Recent addition is Kerala.
  • SIET, A.P., Hyderabad was established in 1985 with 100% financial assistance from Government of India, New Delhi as a Production Centre of Educational Television and Radio Programmes in regional language (Telugu) for school children in the age group of 5 to 14.
  • In order to make operational procedures quick and more functional, the institute was converted into Autonomous Society by the Department of School Education in December, 1990.
  • The Ministry of HRD, Govt. of India have been sanctioning grant-in-aid for programme production activities only since 2005-06, whereas the Govt. of Andhra Pradesh is providing grant-in-aid under School Education Department towards salaries of staff from the financial year 2005-06 and onwards.


  1. To assist the Department of School Education in implementation of educational policies and programmes both in formal and non-formal sectors
  2. To undertake all activities which may seem appropriate for furtherance of above objective

Ongoing activities of the Institute

  1. Production of educational media material for both TV and Radio and transmission through Doordarshan and All India Radio, Hyderabad
  2. Conduct of workshops and training programmes for persons involved in the use of media material
  3. Evaluation and Research on material produced by the Institute
  4. Monitoring , Utilization of ETV and ER transmission
  5. Conversion of Video programmes into CDs and supply to schools
  6. Lending Video and Audio Studios for commercial production for income generation
  7. Production of video programmes for SSA (School Edn.Dept), MANA TV Channel and other Departments, for income generation
  8. Production of audio programmes for SSA for Classes I to VII both for Telugu and Urdu medium schools


  1. Academic and Production
  2. Engineering
  3. Administration
  4. Academic and Production Wing

The Academic Wing including erstwhile ET Cell of SCERT designs the media curriculum and finalizes scripts for Audio and Video Programmes and also previews the programmes after completion.

It organizes training courses and workshops for teacher educators, user-teachers and other field functionaries.

After imparting systematic training based on needs, aspirations and objectives of the institute, it also gets the scripts written by creative teachers and writers.

It also undertakes Research and Programme Evaluation studies to analyze the effectiveness of the programmes in the context of new learning system and its components – the teachers, the student and the media.

The Production Teams consist of Producers, Production Assistants, Cameramen, Graphic Artists and other skilled personnel strive for producing qualitative media programmes. The Producer plans and organizes his schedules for both Studio and Field Recordings.

Engineering Wing The Engineering Wing places the facilities and technical services at the disposal of the production wing. It also assists the Academic and Production at the time of training courses, evaluation studies, field surveys etc.

Administrative Wing With the requisite staff in different cadres, the administrative wing looks after the entire functioning of the institute in its administration, financial aspects and provision of transport and other basic amenities.

Management Ever since the Institute became an autonomous body, it has been slowly expanding its activities and improving its performance on the basis of guidelines provided by the following committees.

Governing Body It is the apex body, which gives overall policy guidelines for efficient functioning of the Institute. It has the Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh as the President and 21 Members (Ex-officio and Nominated) from various departments and organizations. It also reviews working of the Institute with reference to Annual Plan and expectations of Central and State Governments.

Executive Committee The Executive Committee under the Chairmanship of the Principal Secretary, School Education Department, Government of Andhra Pradesh exercises control and manages all the affairs, funds and various resources of the Institute under the supervision of the Governing Body. It also has the Principal Secretary, School Education as the Chairman and 11 other members. The Executive Committee is responsible for pursuit of the objectives of the Institute in letter and spirit.

Media and Academic Committee This committee is responsible for planning Software Production i.e., Audio, Video, Print, Multimedia etc., Training Programmes, Research, Monitoring and Evaluation and providing support material. The committee periodically reviews and recommends work plan and production facilities.

Finance and Establishment Committee This committee recommends administrative and financial matters of the Institute of the Executive Committee. The Finance and Establishment Committee scrutinizes the receipts and expenditure of grant-in-aid received and makes recommendations on all establishment matters to the Executive Committee for perusal.

Director The Director is the Principal Officer of the Institute. He / She is responsible for proper administration of the affairs of the Institute under the direction and guidance of the Chairman and the Statutory Committees i.e., Media and Academic Committee, Finance and Establishment Committee, Executive Committee and Governing Body.

The Director, SIET, Hyderabad is:

the Chairman of the Media and Academic Committee and also Finance & Establishment Committee; the Member-Secretary of both Executive Committee and Governing Body; the Head of the Institute who coordinates activities of different wings in the Institute and financial affairs.