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I am Semanga Sophia R. Ngosingosi, Tanzanian by nationality. I am a very simple and vibrant young person. I have a bachelor degree (honors) in social sciences from the University of Dar es salaam I am working at CYPRCA as Programme Associate .

Before joining CYP I worked with Tanzania youth coalition (TYC); a youth movement in Tanzania that brings together youth NGOs and CBOs from across the country on issues of National Development and Youth Empowerment.

I also worked with UNHCR in a three month programme in one of the refugee camps in Tanzania. Working with young refugees has brought the concept of respect and understanding to the surface of my mind. I try very much to understand people, respecting their ideas and finding a proper way of correcting them where possible. It’s through this concept that we can maintain peace in our societies; and this is very important as it takes courage to become a refugee.