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'Botany Technical Terms' project will be an on going major project to be developed by me in collaboration with Dr. Gita Mathur who started the project some time ago.

Botany or plant science deals not only with the study of plant structure, function, growth and development but also with the identification, naming and classification of plants and establishment of their evolutionary relationships. In all these, especially  identifiation and classification which are based on description of morphological characteristics, technical or semitechnical terms are used extensively. Over the years (approximately 300 years) hundreds of these terms have been coined, often with similar or contrasting meanings. Many attempts were made to list and define them but the list remained incomplete. In addition, a few of the terms were defined incompletely or incorrectly creating confusion. As a result, many biology students are reluctant to opt for botany courses.

In this project we hope to compile as many botany technical terms as possible along with their correct definitions. We will also try to add diagrams and pictures to make the definitions more explicit.

We expect this page to soon become a resource site of technical terms for botany students, teachers and researchers.