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Week Eight - Can I do that? Copyright Issues and Ethics

Your Guest Lecturer for week 8 will be Pam McKinlay
Lecture: IP/Copyright Issues
Workshop: using info from the web legally (e.g. saving and attributing images), applying CC licence to your blog.

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all assignments for this week need to be recorded in your BLOG under the heading COPYRIGHT
Self-Directed: add a CC licence to your blog. Download a legal image from the internet, save it and then post it your blog, making sure you attribute it correctly, and that it is legal for you to use it. Write a description of the licence the image falls under, and how you then are allowed to use it.
Download this week's workbook assignments here

RESOURCES | These resources will provide you with some starting points
Keir Smith Oh, so criminal
Transcript of A&M case against Napster
creative commons New Zealand
how to add cc licences and maintain your blog

If you have little or no idea about copyright you could do much worse than starting here - Richard Niven gives a quick wrap of copyright in Radio NZ’s CyberLaw series.

In the lecture I start the ball rolling with the tale of aggrieved artist John Radford and his story on Fair Go. Note this kind of thing had happened elsewhere in the NZ garment industry.

COPYRIGHT NZ LEGISLATION. - The entire riveting 1994 Copyright Act. Wallpaper your bedroom with it and memorise Fair Dealings sections. The literary style is pure legaleese.
Amendments to Act - The new Bill tweaks the old one by seeking to clarify how copyright works in a digital environment. See where the tweaking needs more tweak.
Otago Polytechnic CLL brochure “Copyright the Law and You”. You've got it. It was a hand out. Please read it. See further the Copyright Council of NZ . See also summary of “info rights”. Covers common everyday digital uses, pulled together by Lesley Harris for the SLA.

COPYRIGHT GENERAL. - Easy to navigate, small partially chewed portions. Crash course in copyright (note US legal system). See also Stanford University for Fair Use in America.

COPYRIGHT/INTELLECUTAL PROPERTY/MAORI IP. - An enlightened recap of the cornerstones of European-style copyright law and a compelling look at the future of tikanga as a way of addressing spiritual, intellectual and material concerns regarding traditional knowledges in Aotearoa. Mana Tuturu: Maori Treasures & Intellectual Property Rights by Barry Barclay Auckland University Press, 2005. A must read for film makers in Aotearoa New Zealand.

COPYRIGHT AND CREATING. - Introduction to ‘real world’ digital issues. Includes case studies of high profile multimedia infringements (wav files).

How big money is eroding fair use for the public good by proprietary practices and penalising measures. Vaidhyanathan, Siva, Copyrights and Copywrongs: The Rise of Intellectual Property and How It Threatens Creativity, New York University Press, 2003. Also searchable on Google books.

MACHINIMA - Excellent keynote address by Fred von Lohmann from the Electronic Frontier Foundation and another that may interest from Dan Hunter (Virtual Worlds) from the recent symposium run by the Games and the Law research group.

ILLEGAL ART or illegal imagination ? - An exhibition which explored the legalities of “illegal” creating and the corporate world.

CREATIVE COMMONS LICENCES. What is Creative Commons? When looking at using CC make sure you know exactly what you want your licence to do (or not to do). Use the local version CC NZ as this has been tailored to our particular jurisdiction. UK Artists – study of artists’ approaches to Copyright and Creative Commons

Can I copy that? Can I Re-Cut, Re-Frame and Recycle? A copyright 'calculator'. Clear and concise but you can navigate to fuller descriptions for clarification of terms if need be. See also Plagiarism and Appropriation and where they intersect with Copyright.

Otago Poytechnic and University of Otago have put together self-directed modules on digital literacy. Very simple, easy to navigate and covers the basic information and some how to’s for various media tools. It also covers copyright essentials.